Down- and fiber-proof from Outlast is lightweight, soft, and cost-effective

The Heidenheim manufacturer for temperature-regulating materials is known for its varied innovations and patented new developments. Outlast Technologies GmbH thus now offers a new product line for the bedding industry, which combines the proven Outlast temperature regulation with fiber- and down-proof properties in just one layer. Although an additional down- or fiber-proof layer was previously needed alongside the Outlast® layer, the Heidenheim developers have now managed to combine both fabrics into one high-performance textile.

In addition to its functionality, this textile impresses with its softness and comfort, as well as, naturally, with its significantly easier processing. The Outlast® technology can now be processed significantly more effectively in duvets, pillows, and mattress toppers, which both considerably cuts costs during further processing and significantly reduces weight.

At the same time, the lack of the additional layer results in a further significant boost in efficiency in terms of the utilization level of the Outlast® technology. Sweating during sleep can thus be measurably reduced, which also prevents subsequent freezing. This allows the consumer both to lower their risk of catching a cold and to enjoy more restful, uninterrupted, deeper sleep. This increases performance and well-being during the day.