Outlast has succeeded in binding Aerogel, the material with the world’s best insulation values, to the textile using an innovative method. This high-performance material is called AERSULATE® and exceeds conventional textile insulation in many areas.

AERSULATE® has a material thickness of just 1.3 mm with an RCT value of 0.12.

The AERSULATE® insulation requires ten times less space than conventional forms of insulation with the same insulation performance. AERSULATE® may also allow insulation to be provided in applications where there is normally too little space. AERSULATE® also works under the influence of pressure/moisture and in combination with a fire-resistant carrier material is flame-retardant.

No, the Aerogel responsible for the functionality of AERSULATE® consists of the smallest particles, which can only be seen under the microscope.

Both the production and processing of the Aerogel required for all AERSULATE® products takes place in Germany. In this way, we fulfill the highest environmental and social standards and rule out any child labor and social exploitation.

Outlast Technologies GmbH based in Heidenheim, Germany, developed the AERSULATE® technology. Outlast Technologies GmbH is also known around the world for its textile thermo-regulation products.