Outlast is redefining insulation

After setting new global standards for textile heat and moisture regulation with its thermo-technology, the Heidenheim company Outlast is also providing a groundbreaking product group for insulation: AERSULATE®.

Aerogel – an impressive material

Aerogel – an impressive material

Aerogel is the world’s lightest solid and, with its extremely high air content, offers the best insulation value of all known solids in the world. Processing Aerogel is extremely complex, yet Outlast managed to bind the high-performance material to textile carrier materials using an innovative patented process. This marked the birth of AERSULATE®, a new type of insulation that exceeds conventional insulation materials in many respects. For instance, AERSULATE® requires significantly less space to achieve the same insulation values. AERSULATE® also works under the influence of pressure or moisture without any significant loss of function and, in combination with a fire-resistant carrier material, is flame-retardant. Processing is simple and involves conventional methods. 

“When I saw Aerogel for the first time, I was really impressed by this exceptional material and its properties. Great that we have managed to make Aerogel accessible for many applications using a textile carrier material. I see a really wide field of application for our AERSULATE® materials that extends far beyond the classic textile market.”

Ingo Horger, Business Development Manager, Europe