Bedding with Outlast® for a better sleep

The Outlast® thermo-technology proactively regulates heat and moisture to ensure a better, deeper sleep. As part of an independent study, various subjects have tried out bedding with Outlast® thermo-technology. The test participants ranged from women in the menopause to couples with different heat perceptions. The result: Thanks to Outlast® thermo-technology, temperature peaks in the microclimate can be minimized, which also successfully reduces sleep disorders caused by them.

Absolute moisture in a duvet

Absolute moisture in a duvet

– measured according to the “C. Russ” testing method at the INSIDE CLIMATE Munich laboratory.

Less sweating, less freezing – a comfortable temperature all night long

Less sweating, less freezing – a comfortable temperature all night long

The key to good, restful sleep lies in heat management, as good sleep can only be achieved with as little moisture production as possible. This is where the Outlast® thermo-technology comes in and proactively regulates the heat to stop moisture from developing in the first place. In contrast, other technologies attempt only to wick away the sweat that has developed.

The more Outlast® thermo-technology is used in your bed, the better your sleeping comfort.

In which bedding can Outlast® thermo-technology be used?

  • Duvets/pillows 
  • Mattress toppers 
  • Mattresses 
  • Blankets 
  • Sleeping bags 
  • Bed linen 
  • Etc.


Bedding for a good future

Bedding for a good future

Outlast recently presented new materials that are sustainable and conserve resources while also impressing with the usual high Outlast® functionality.

Good sleep is so important

As the market leader for heat and moisture management, Outlast is aware of the benefits of its high-performance materials. Improved sleep is one of these benefits. Harvard Medical School discovered in a study that good sleep is crucial for health and well-being:

  • Memory: Sleep helps the brain to process new information in the memory.
  • Metabolism: Lack of sleep can lead to weight gain and boost our appetite.
  • Safety: Sleep deprivation can lead to falls, medical inattention, and traffic accidents.
  • Mood: Sleep loss leads to irritability, poor concentration, and mood swings.
  • Heart problems: Poor sleep can lead to high blood pressure, stress, and an irregular heartbeat.
  • Illnesses: Lack of sleep impairs our body’s defenses against illness.
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Tested and proven

Tested and proven

The Outlast® thermo-technology processed in bedding has been tested in numerous internal and independent studies and its functionality has been confirmed many times over.

More deep sleep phases

More deep sleep phases

As part of a study, the quality of sleep was measured based on the thermal properties of the respective mattress toppers. The researchers investigated what effects bedding with heat and moisture management has on a person’s sleep behavior. The subjects for this study were male and had a body mass index (BMI) between 18.5 and 25. They were mentally and physically healthy and did not suffer from sleep disorders. Sleep quality was assessed based on physiological reactions of the subjects during sleep.

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THG SleepView / C. Russ

THG SleepView / C. Russ

Outlast commissioned INSIDE CLIMATE (formerly c.russ NETCONSULT)* in Munich with carrying out a study to investigate how the moisture developed through one night when using bedding with and without Outlast® thermo-technology. The THG SleepView microclimate measuring technology, which provides imaging of the moisture, was used for this. This study was partly conducted to show the effects of body temperature on sleep behavior. At the same time, it served to support development work on improved, more comfortable sleep and bedding systems.

 * Tests for various final applications such as clothing, shoes, and helmets conducted by C. Russ – INSIDE CLIMATE, an independent test laboratory in Munich (THG AreaView – SleepView). Details on request.

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