Your Benefit

Feeling just right – Outlast® temperature regulating textiles offer more comfort through proactive heat management.

Outlast Xelerate

Phase-change material and heat spreader technology are teaming up to boost
temperature and moisture control.

Your End Use

Outlast® textiles can be uti-
lized in different end uses –
from bedding and apparel
or footwear and other

Our Applications

Outlast has the broadest range of PCM textiles in the market offering smart solutions as the global leader.

Our Technology

Outlast® technology absorbs, stores and releases heat for optimal thermal comfort.

Our Origin

Outlast® technology was originally developed for NASA to protect astronauts from temperature fluctuations in space.

Experience the Outlast Difference

Outlast® technology enhances textiles by providing the benefit of proactive temperature regulation that manages heat and moisture in many textiles. As a company committed to temperature regulation, Outlast can give you the technology to provide more comfortable solutions to everyday life. When you manage temperature, heat, and moisture your customers can feel "just right". Find out more about Outlast® technology.