Outlast® – Short and sweet

Find out here what makes the Outlast® thermo-technology different, how Outlast® can be integrated into textile products, and whether we have really been in outer space.

Outlast® stands for proactive heat and moisture management which can reduce sweat production by up to 50%.* Depending on the external influences, the Outlast® thermo-materials cool or warm so as to always produce the right climate for the user’s situation. Outlast® fabrics, fibers, and coatings are used in various everyday products as well as in special high-performance equipment. Outlast is the world’s only textile company to have received the “Certified Space Technology” quality label in connection with proactive heat management.

* Tests for various final applications such as clothing, shoes, and helmets conducted by C. Russ – INSIDE CLIMATE, an independent test laboratory in Munich (THG AreaView – SleepView). Details on request. 

The Outlast® thermo-technology is based on microencapsulated natural wax incorporated into fabrics and fibers. If the temperature changes, for example due to increased activity, the natural wax absorbs excess heat and stores it in the textile. If the temperature drops, the wax re-solidifies and the stored heat is released back to the body, offering a constant feeling of comfort.

The Outlast® thermo-technology is a proactive heat management system that reacts to your individual situation. If you are hot, the Outlast® thermo-material absorbs the heat. If the skin temperature drops, this stored heat is released again. As a result, the technology constantly compensates for temperature in order to prevent overheating as well as excess cooling.

If the Outlast® thermo-technology is directly incorporated into a fiber, it is an integral part of the material and functions throughout the entire service life. Our coated materials also boast outstanding durability and, when looked after properly, last throughout the life of the product.

Every fabric and every fiber is different. Please note the care instructions on your Outlast® product. They are based on manufacturer recommendations and are stated on the label.

If the microencapsulated natural wax is incorporated directly into the fibers, it can be spun into yarns and fabrics. The Outlast® thermo-technology can, however, also be applied directly onto fabrics using a special printing method. You can find more information under ‘Application methods’.

This differs for each product. Outlast® thermo-fabrics, coatings, and fibers, however, are most effective when used as close to the skin as possible. For shoes or outer clothing, the thermo-regulation from Outlast® can often be found in the lining or as an intermediate layer. 

If you notice an Outlast® shield, label, or logo on a product, you can be sure that the product features proven proactive heat management. We have strict rules on the use of our thermo-technology, and all Outlast® products regularly undergo a detailed inspection. In doing so, we ensure that all Outlast® products truly fulfill the high functionality and quality standards. 

Unlike most competing products, the Outlast® thermo-technology is proactive, i.e. anticipatory. Although many manufacturers claim that their materials regulate temperature, they actually only manage the moisture that develops on the skin. These materials react only once the user has already begun sweating and feels uncomfortable due to moisture and overheating. In contrast, Outlast® thermo-textiles take effect a step earlier and absorb and store excess heat proactively. This means there is up to 50% less moisture in play* and comfort is much greater. More about this under ‘How it works’.

* Tests for various final applications such as clothing, shoes, and helmets conducted by C. Russ – INSIDE CLIMATE, an independent test laboratory in Munich (THG AreaView – SleepView). Details on request.

Yes. Outlast® thermo-materials were originally developed for NASA for use in gloves and other accessories to cope with extreme temperatures in space or even at very high altitudes. We were last in space when Japanese astronaut Naoko Yamazuki wore a sweater made from Outlast® thermo-fibers. We have been given the “Certified Space TechnologyTM” quality mark by the renowned Space Foundation. 

Outlast Technologies GmbH is a globally operating textile company based in Heidenheim, Germany. The entire development work also takes place there. We have branch offices in the USA and Hong Kong, along with additional sales offices in Europe, Asia, Australia, and Latin America. Read more about the company.