Temperature regulating blanket for comfortable nights

Sleep is important. But sometimes, the temperature makes it difficult to fall asleep and causes restless nights. In summer, we wake up sweaty because it is simply too warm, and in winter, the cold temperatures can make us so uncomfortable that it becomes difficult to get any sleep at all. The solution: A temperature regulating blanket that reduces heat peaks as well as freezing. A temperature regulating blanket equipped with the Outlast® thermo-technology will keep the user comfortable and at a stable temperature all through the night. No matter if it is a hot summer night or freezing cold in winter – the blanket will make the person using it feel just right. And the best part: No additional energy source is needed for the temperature regulating blanket to function so that it always works reliably.

Temperature regulating blanket with NASA technology

Initially, the Outlast® thermo-technology, which is at the heart of the temperature regulating blankets, was developed by NASA. It was used in space gloves to protect astronauts from the extreme temperature fluctuations in outer space. We at Outlast recognized the potential this technology holds, and ever since then, we have made it our mission to make it accessible for new areas of use – such as clothing, seating, medical equipment or bedding, which includes the body temperature regulating blanket. We frequently enter new fields and successfully incorporate the technology into a wide range of products so that everybody has a chance to experience the difference with Outlast and a notable increase in comfort.

The most important part of any temperature regulating material from Outlast is the microencapsulated wax, which is usually based on rapeseed oil. This natural wax can change its physical state, meaning that it melts when it gets warm and solidifies when it gets cold. And that is how the temperature regulating blanket works! The wax reacts to temperature changes in the environment and acts proactively. During the change of the physical state, the temperature cannot further increase or decrease. In other words: The thermal energy is used to melt or solidify the wax instead of heating up or cooling down the microclimate.

Less sweating & less freezing

For the user, a blanket with the Outlast® thermo-technology means that the temperature remains more stable and both heat peaks and freezing are reduced. The heat regulating blanket can, therefore, also reduce sweat production by up to 48%. It creates a comfortable sleeping environment and puts an end to restless nights. Especially people who suffer from sleep disorders can greatly benefit from a blanket with temperature regulating fabric, but generally, everybody can use them in order to improve their quality of sleep. A blanket that keeps you cool offers your customers additional value and functionality.

A temperature regulating blanket can also greatly improve the comfort of women in menopause, as the heat peaks are significantly reduced. The blanket makes them less notable and assists in making the sleeping experience more comfortable. But also couples with different heat perceptions can highly benefit from the temperature changing blanket. No matter if the bedroom is too cold or too warm for one person – the blanket will make everybody feel just right so that they can enjoy a relaxing sleeping experience.

A temperature regulating blanket can bring life-changing benefits to many people. Improved quality of sleep can affect their everyday lives and health positively, and they do not need to worry about constant freezing or excessive sweating at night anymore. Offer your customers more, and include the Outlast® thermo-technology in your products as well!

Xelerate & fresh2SKIN® for an even stronger cooling effect

We have decided to take this technology one step further, and one of the results is Xelerate – a combination of the Outlast® thermo-technology and heat-spreaders. These spreaders ensure that the temperature regulating blanket does not only react in places where it is in contact with the body of the user but also the surrounding areas. This way, heat is absorbed even more efficiently, and the cooling effect is increased, which leads to an additional reduction of sweat production. Overall, the thermal conductivity is increased by up to 30%, which makes Xelerate perfect for bedding – and for a temperature regulating blanket. Hot flashes and night sweats can be significantly reduced or even prevented.

Another innovative technology we have developed by combining the Outlast® thermo-technology with the use of natural menthol is fresh2SKIN®. The cold receptors in the skin respond to the menthol so that an additional cooling effect is achieved. fresh2SKIN® is generally intended for any products that come in close contact with the user's body, which makes it perfect for the bedding market and a valuable asset to blankets, pillows, duvets and many other products.

Temperature regulating bedding

A temperature regulating blanket is a great way to offer your customers more comfort and the opportunity to upgrade their sleeping experience. But why stop there? With the fabrics from Outlast, you can create a temperature regulating pillow as well, and also in duvets, bed linens, mattress toppers, mattresses and more, the material can be used. This makes it possible for your customers to create an entire temperature regulating bed to achieve the best possible quality of sleep. You see: A temperature regulating blanket is only one of many options to offer your customers products that stand out of the crowd and give them additional functionality that traditional bedding simply cannot provide.

To learn more about the Outlast® thermo-technology and how your products can benefit from it, please get in touch with us! You can use the contact form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Whether you already have a plan on how to incorporate our materials in your product (for example, a temperature regulating blanket) or you want to learn more about the technology and our processes – we are happy to answer all of your questions. If you are unsure if our fabrics can even be used for your products, please reach out to us as well. We love a challenge, and together we will find a way to make it possible for your customers to experience the difference with Outlast.

The sustainability aspect of a temperature control blanket

Sustainability is a topic that has become more and more important over the last few years. Of course, we also want to do our part, and we have put a lot of effort into making our products and processes as sustainable as possible:

  • Through a very complex development process, we have switched from petroleum-based wax to natural wax based on rapeseed oil, which is now used in most of our products.
  • Due to the reduction of sweat production achieved by our materials, products such as a temperature regulating blanket, clothing and more, need to be washed less frequently. As a result, less water and detergent is used.
  • Generally, our products are highly durable. They are designed to last for many years or even for a lifetime. This way, they do not need to be thrown out and replaced frequently like many traditional alternatives.
  • Furthermore, we use recycled or renewable materials for our products. For example, we offer nonwovens and knitted fabrics which consist of 100% recycled polyester, and we also provide materials based on Lyocell, which requires 35 times less water during manufacturing than cotton.

Whether you want to offer your customers a temperature regulating blanket or other products, such as temperature regulating clothing or seating – get in touch with us and start your Outlast journey today!