How does cooling fabric work?

The basis of our cooling fabrics is the Outlast® thermo-technology. And this is how the cooling fabric technology works:

The most important part of our fabrics is the microencapsulated wax, usually based on rapeseed oil. The thermal energy coming from the heat source (the user's body) is used in the process of liquefying this wax. The wax changes its physical state – from solid to liquid – and according to a physical law, the temperature cannot increase any further during this change. This is because in order to change state, the wax needs energy to unbind its own molecules from each other, so any heat coming from the body is transformed into the energy needed. So instead of heating up the microclimate and causing the user to feel uncomfortably warm, the thermal energy from their body is used to melt the wax. This can significantly reduce the user's heat peaks and make them feel more comfortable. Furthermore, sweat production can be reduced by up to 48%.

Additionally, the cooling fabric acts proactively. There is a big difference between passive and active heat management:

  • Passive fabrics do not react to the information in their environment. They do not adapt to temperatures but simply help the user's body to cool down naturally. Due to their structure and high breathability, sweat evaporates more quickly but is not reduced.
  • However, if the cooling fabric is active, it adapts to temperature changes in the environment. It does not only help the user to make their heat peak less uncomfortable, but instead, it acts anticipatory. The cooling fabric proactively prevents heat peaks from forming and reduces sweat production.

Xelerate – enjoy a cooling effect through accelerated heat distribution

For an even more cooling effect, we have combined the Outlast® thermo-technology with another, innovative technology which makes the heat distribution more efficient – and Xelerate is the result. With Xelerate, excess heat can dissipate much more quickly.

Generally, the heat and moisture management of the cooling fabric becomes more efficient. To achieve this effect, the natural wax in the fabric is equipped with heat-spreaders. When the user's body comes in contact with the product, the material does not only react in the area of contact but also in the surrounding areas. Because the heat-spreaders enlarge the active area, heat can be absorbed much more efficiently. The thermal conductivity is increased by up to 30% and sweat production can be delayed or even prevented.

fresh2SKIN® – taking our cooling technology one step further

With fresh2SKIN®, we are taking the fabric cooling technology one step further. The natural menthol used in addition to the Outlast® thermo-technology offers the users of your products a refreshing and pleasant cooling effect and long-lasting comfort at warm temperatures.

The technology can be used in almost every kind of fabric and there are numerous products that can benefit from it. Especially in clothing, such as nightwear, socks or underwear, the cooling effect can add a significant amount of comfort for your customers. The high-tech clothing keeps the user at a stable temperature and proactively prevents heat peaks. But also, in bedding, cooling fabrics can make a big difference. Even in warm and fluctuating temperatures, your customers can enjoy a restful and relaxing sleeping experience.

The cooling fabric has outstanding hydrophilic properties, an antistatic effect on synthetic materials and a soft, pleasant feel to it. Therefore, it does in no way negatively impact the comfort of clothes, bedding or other products it might be used in. Furthermore, it is skin-friendly and dermatologically tested, which makes it completely safe to use on an everyday basis.

Are you wondering how your products can benefit from this technology as well? Then please feel free to contact us! We look forward to hearing from you, and together, we will find a way to incorporate our cooling fabric into your product so that it will leave your customers feeling just right!

Cooling fabrics – areas of use

Our cooling fabrics can be beneficial to products from many different areas. One of them is clothing:
In apparel and footwear, the use of a cooling fabric can significantly increase the user's comfort by keeping them at a cool and stable temperature and, at the same time, reducing sweat production. No more overheating, even on hot days – with our high-tech fabrics.Apart from clothing and bedding, there are several other areas, in which our cooling fabric has already proven its cooling effect. For example in seating, such as office chairs, car seats or wheelchairs, the fabric makes it possible for the user to sit over long periods of time without excessive sweat production.

And that is not all! Even in medical technology, our cooling fabric offers great advantages. It can be used in support bandages, interior linings for orthotic and prosthetic devices and further products to increase the comfort of your patients.

Does your product not fit any of these categories? Not to worry! That does not mean that your products and your customers cannot benefit from the effects of our cooling fabric as well. We are always up for a challenge and want to offer you the possibility to address new customer segments and respond to specific market requirements. Contact us and start your Outlast journey today!