Temperature regulating clothing – feeling just right!

Clothing that keeps the person wearing it at a stable and comfortable temperature with less freezing, less overheating and less excess sweating – sounds too good to be true? With the help of our Outlast® thermo-technology it becomes possible. Our materials can be used to make temperature regulating clothing, which ensures comfort even during significant temperature fluctuations.

Initially, the Outlast® thermo-technology was developed by NASA. Implemented in space suits, it served to protect astronauts from the extreme temperatures in space and to control their microclimate. We decided to take it one step further and offer you and your customers the opportunity to benefit from the technology as well. When used in temperature regulating clothing, the material increases the value of your products for your customers and provides them with more comfort in their everyday lives.

How does temperature regulating clothing work?

The basis of our material for temperature regulating clothing is the Outlast® thermo-technology. And this is how it works:

  • The most important component of the material is wax, which is enclosed in microcapsules. Usually, it is natural wax based on rapeseed oil.
  • When the body of the person wearing the temperature regulating clothing with the material heats up, for example due to temperature changes in the environment, the body heat is utilized in order to melt the wax. The wax changes its physical state from solid to liquid, and during this change of state the temperature cannot increase any further. Therefore, the user can enjoy a stable climate without heat peaks and also avoid excessive sweating because by acting proactively, the climate control clothing can reduce sweat formation by up to 48%.
  • The temperature control clothing also keeps the user from freezing. If there is a rapid decline in temperature, the wax solidifies. Again, it changes its physical state, which means that the climate on the inside, which the user experiences, remains stable.
  • Another meaningful advantage: No external energy source is needed in order for the Outlast® thermo-technology to function. The temperature regulating clothing always works without the user having to do anything.

Generally, the temperature control with our materials works actively, not passively. Passive temperature regulating clothing does not adapt to changes in the temperature in the environment. Instead, its structure simply allows the user's body to cool down naturally and for sweat to evaporate more quickly. Active temperature regulating clothing, however, does adapt to temperature fluctuations in the environment. Instead of speeding up the evaporation of sweat, it prevents the formation of sweat (by up to 48%). It acts anticipatory and works to prevent heat peaks or freezing so that the user is not affected by them.

The advantages of temperature regulating fabric in clothing

Temperature regulation can provide great advantages in many different products, from bedding over medical technology and seating all the way to clothing. Especially when it comes to clothes, comfort plays a vital role.

The following are only a few examples of how different kinds of clothing can benefit from the use of thermoregulating material:

  • Shoes: Many people have the problem that their feet tend to overheat in shoes. Not only is the heat and the sweating uncomfortable, but it can also be the cause of painful blisters. By using our temperature regulating material, heat peaks as well as sweating can be reduced significantly, and the formation of blisters can be avoided. Furthermore, due to having less moisture in the shoes, the formation of smells can be notably reduced.
  • Socks: Especially in clothing pieces worn close to the skin, such as socks, temperature control can greatly increase comfort. Both freezing and overheating could soon be a thing of the past for you!
  • Gloves: Clothing pieces designed to keep the user warm, like gloves, will benefit from increased functionality. As temperature regulating clothing, they will keep the user's hand at a comfortable temperature at all times – whether that means preventing freezing or overheating. Specifically, in gloves used in sports, the reduction of sweat production is a valuable factor.
  • Jackets, shirts, underwear, sports clothing, hats – temperature regulating clothing always offers your customers an increase in functionality and comfort.

Besides these examples, the material can be used in many further clothing pieces as well. If you are wondering, how it could be incorporated into your products, please do not hesitate to contact us. We love a challenge and are happy to advise you on how to turn your products into temperature regulating clothing as well.

Xelerate – the perfect solution for sports clothing

Xelerate is a combination of the Outlast® thermo-technology and heat-spreaders. The spreaders are embedded in the material and enable a more efficient heat distribution. The wax does not only react in places where it is in contact with the skin of the user but instead also in the surrounding areas. The thermal conductivity is increased by up to 30% so that sweat production can be additionally reduced or delayed.

For athletes, that means more comfort and significantly less sweating, no matter how physically active they are. Furthermore, if the temperature regulating clothing in question is footwear, the formation of blisters is much less likely or can even be prevented entirely. That way your customers can focus more on their favorite activities and improve their performance.

fresh2SKIN® for extra cooling

To provide an even greater cooling effect in temperature regulating clothing, we have combined the Outlast® thermo-technology with natural menthol – and the result is fresh2SKIN®. Especially in clothes worn close to the skin, such as underwear, nightwear, shirts, socks and trousers, the material provides an additional cooling effect, which keeps the user comfortable all day and night long.

The reason for this effect is that the cold receptors in the skin respond to the menthol. Due to the cooling effect in combination with the soft and pleasant feel the material has to it, the temperature regulating clothing with fresh2SKIN® will surely keep your customers comfortable.

Our application methods

If you wish to include the Outlast® thermo-technology in your clothing, there are three different application methods that can be used. Which of those is the best for your product, depends on what piece of clothing it is and also what your desired outcome looks like.

The first option is coating. You can buy fabrics by the meter, which have already been coated with the Outlast® thermo-technology. This works by applying the microencapsulated natural wax over the surface of the chosen textile carrier materials. As a result, you will have temperature regulating clothing with a very high capacity to absorb heat.

The second option to turn your products into temperature regulating clothing is to use fibres and yarns. The natural wax in microcapsules is embedded directly into the fibres, which can be spun into temperature regulating thread and then be used in clothing such as underwear, nightwear or shirts. The temperature control provided by our technology will add additional value to your products and offer your customers an increase in functionality and comfort.

Another possibility for making temperature regulating clothing is the Outlast® Matrix Infusion Coating (MIC). During this special process, the surface of the textile is printed with a very thin layer of microencapsulated wax while retaining the original properties of the fabric. Especially for clothes worn close to the skin this process presents a great option for turning your products into temperature regulating clothing, which keeps your customers comfortable at a stable temperature and leaves them feeling just right!

Start your Outlast journey today.

As you can see, there are many different ways to turn normal clothes into temperature regulating clothing. If you are still unsure whether this is possible for your products or if you want to learn more about our materials and the application processes, feel free to contact us. We are happy to provide you with all the information you need so you can start your Outlast journey to temperature regulating clothing!