NASA technology – upgrade your products

The Outlast® thermo-technology is at the heart of all temperature regulating fabrics and materials we offer at Outlast. It provides active thermal management and can significantly increase the value of your products for your customers. Initially, the technology was invented by NASA and used in space. However, we recognized the great potential it holds and decided to make the NASA technology available for other areas of use. Since this NASA technology transfer, we have applied it to many products from multiple areas and in 2005, Outlast was inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame®. There is almost no product that cannot benefit from this NASA spinoff technology – so start your Outlast journey today and offer your customers innovative products that stand out from the crowd!

NASA technology in space

Originally, the technology was used in space gloves. In space, depending on the location, extreme temperature fluctuations can occur and by proactively adapting to these changes, the NASA fabric equipped with this technology, could protect astronauts from these fluctuations and keep them at a stable temperature. The most important part of fabrics and materials with this NASA technology is the microencapsulated wax, which is usually won from rapeseed oil. When the temperature rises, it causes the wax in the capsules to melt. During this phase shift, the temperature cannot increase any further. Heat peaks are reduced or even prevented and as a result, sweat production decreases by up to 48%. For the user, this means a significant increase in comfort. Also, when the temperature goes down, the wax goes through another phase shift and solidifies and freezing can be reduced significantly as well.

The technology has proven its functionality in space and, after the NASA technology transfer to Outlast, also on earth. By now, the Outlast® thermo-technology has proven its effectiveness and reliability in countless applications around the world! Will your product be next?

NASA technology in your life and in your products

The Outlast® thermo-technology can be – and has been – used in a wide range of products. So far, there are five big areas of use that have benefitted from it since the NASA technology transfer to Outlast: Bedding, Apparel, Footwear, Seating and Medical technology.

  • Bedding: Sleep is important for our health and well-being. By using the Outlast® thermo-technology you can upgrade your customers' sleeping experience and offer them additional comfort that traditional bedding cannot achieve. Whether you are selling duvets, pillows, mattresses, blankets, or even sleeping bags – the temperature regulating NASA technology can be used in all sorts of bedding products and give them a unique functionality.
  • Apparel: Wearable NASA technology is what you get by incorporating the Outlast® thermo-technology into your clothing products. Jackets, shirts, gloves, underwear, nightwear – there is no limit to your possibilities. Our fabrics with the NASA technology are soft and skin-friendly so that you can use them in all kinds of apparel without any concern.
  • Footwear: Footwear with the Outlast® thermo-technology significantly reduces sweating on the feet throughout the day, and thereby, bad odors can be reduced or prevented as well. In summer, your customers will no longer be uncomfortably warm in their shoes, and in winter, their feet will stay warm even at the lowest temperatures.
  • Seating: Whether it is a sofa, an office chair or a car seat – especially in seating, comfort plays a vital role. With the NASA technology, you can upgrade the products in your seating areas and offer your customers more comfort than any traditional seating can provide. Due to the active thermal management, the seating stays significantly cooler, and sweat production is reduced.
  • Medical technology: In medical technology, a balanced microclimate can be of great importance. Used in wheelchairs, bandages, prosthetic devices and more, the Outlast® thermo-technology can significantly increase the comfort of the user.

Our NASA technology innovations – Xelerate & fresh2SKIN®

Our Outlast® thermo-technology has proven its effectiveness many times and can make a big difference in your customers' lives. But we can offer even more. Our innovative spirit continues unabated and we strive to constantly develop the original NASA technology even further. And two of our NASA technology inventions are Xelerate and fresh2SKIN®.

Xelerate is a combination of the Outlast® thermo-technology and heat spreaders. This innovation, based on NASA technology, has an even more efficient thermal conductivity. The material does not only react in places where it is in contact with the user's body but the heat spreaders spread the heat also to surrounding areas. Sweat production is additionally reduced or even prevented and your customers can enjoy an even higher increase in comfort. And especially for products such as bedding and clothing that come in close contact with the user's body, fresh2SKIN® is a great solution. It combines our Outlast® thermo-technology with the use of natural menthol. The cold receptors in the skin repsond to the menthol, and as a result, a pleasant cooling effect is achieved.

All of our products are based on the NASA technology, which has proven its effectiveness many times. If you want to learn more about the technology and our products, please get in touch with us. Together, we will find the best way, to use the technology in your products and offer your customers more functionality and comfort.