Outlast develops materials with extremely high functionality

The Germany-based manufacturer of temperature regulating materials Outlast Technologies GmbH is presenting an exciting innovation for the bedding sector. The Outlast development team is now showing innovative methods to equip the functional textiles Bayfield and Wellington, which have advanced to become bestsellers, with an even higher loading of temperature-regulating capsules. Under the names Bayfield Plus and Wellington Plus, the newly created textiles with outstanding performance do not only have a significantly greater cooling effect, their heat absorption capacity is also impressively increased. No matter your individual temperature needs, the materials manage to absorb the excess heat and greatly reduce the formation of sweat. As with all other materials with Outlast® Thermo-Technology, the absorbed heat is returned to the body when required. This leads to a wonderfully balanced climate throughout the night, which has a direct effect on the quality of sleep and performance on the following day. In addition to this exceptionally efficient functionality, the Outlast® Plus variants convince with their soft, cool handle and uncomplicated care and processing properties. The carrier material for Bayfield Plus is the resource-saving Lyocell. It requires not only 35 times less water than cotton at its production, it also consists of 80% renewable raw materials.