Temperature regulating pillows for better sleep

Temperature regulating pillows keep your customers comfortable at a stable temperature and elevate their entire sleeping experience. Everybody knows the problem: In summer the heat makes it impossible to enjoy a restful night's sleep, and in winter, the cold temperatures cause discomfort and often even keep us awake at night. With temperature regulating pillows, we have found the ideal solution for this problem. Made from Outlast® thermo-materials, the pillows keep the user comfortable during the night by significantly reducing heat peaks and sweating as well as freezing. No matter what temperature the bedroom has and whether it fluctuates throughout the night – the temperature regulating bed pillows ensure that the user can always sleep comfortably.

What are temperature regulating pillows?

Generally, we differentiate between two different kinds of thermal management: active and passive. In the case of temperature regulating pillows with Outlast® thermo-materials, the thermal management is active. The difference between those two lies in their function as well as their effectiveness:

  • Fabrics and materials which provide passive thermal management do not adapt to the temperature and its fluctuations in their environment. Instead, they have a specific structure, which allows the body of the user to cool down on its own more efficiently – for example, by allowing sweat to evaporate more quickly. However, heat peaks cannot be prevented through this way of thermal management.
  • Active thermal management functions differently. The fabric or material proactively adapts to temperature changes in the environment. This way, heat peaks and freezing are not only notably reduced but can also be prevented to a certain degree. As a result, sweat production can also be reduced by up to 48%, which greatly increases the user's comfort. This kind of thermal management is far more efficient, and by using it in temperature control bed pillows, you can significantly improve your customers' sleeping experience.

Are you curious about the possibility of using active thermal management in your products to make them stand out from the crowd and offer your customers an efficient solution to their everyday problems? Then please get in touch with us! You can use our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We are happy to answer all of your questions and to accompany and support you on your Outlast journey.

How do temperature regulating pillows work? (Kopie 1)

The heart of the body temperature regulating pillows is the Outlast® thermo-technology. This technology, which was developed by NASA, was initially used in space gloves and protected astronauts from the extreme temperature fluctuations in space. We recongnized the great potential of it and have made it our mission, to make this technology accessible for new areas of use so that everybody has a chance to experience the difference it makes – with temperature regulating clothing, seating, medical equipment and the best cooling bedding products available.

And this is how it works:

  • Material and fabrics with the Outlast® thermo-technology feature incorporated wax in microcapsules, which is usually natural and based on rapeseed oil. This is where the magic happens.
  • The user's body acts as a heat source. Usually, when the heat increases, it would be trapped between the body and the material and cause the user to become uncomfortably warm and trigger excessive sweat production. But the Outlast® thermo-material absorbs and stores this heat so that heat peaks are significantly reduced or prevented. The thermal energy coming from the user's body is used to melt the wax in the microcapsules. During this change from a solid to a liquid state, the temperature cannot increase any further.
  • This process works both ways: Heat melts the wax, and in a cold environment, it solidifies. This way, the material achieves a notable reduction of freezing as well.
  • Of course, there are many technologies that can be used to either warm up or cool down a room or specific area. But the great thing about the Outlast® thermo-technology is that no additional source of energy is needed in order for it to function. No electricity, no gas – only the user's body heat. Because of that, temperature balancing pillows with this technology are, in comparison, a more sustainable way to ensure a comfortable sleeping environment.

Temperature control pillows with Xelerate

With the Outlast® thermo-technology, you can create breathable pillows that help your customers to get relaxing sleep without being bothered by excessive sweating or freezing. But why not take it one step further?

Xelerate was developed based on the Outlast® thermo-technology. With this product we have combined the technology of active thermal management with special heat-spreaders. Because of those, the heat is not only absorbed in areas where the fabric is in contact with the user's body but in surrounding areas as well. The area of active heat absorption is bigger and the thermal conductivity is increased by up to 30%. Sweat production is additionally delayed or prevented, and as a result, the user experiences even more comfort during even the warmest of nights.

Temperature regulating bedding – pillows, blankets & more

Bed pillows equipped with the Outlast® thermo-technology can already make a big difference in your customer's sleeping experience. But why stop there? Generally, every piece of bedding can be equipped with the Outlast® thermo-technology: blankets, bed linens, duvets, pillow cases, mattress toppers – or even mattresses themselves.

Good sleep is absolutely essential to our health and well-being. An improved sleep quality can lead to better mood and less irritability, a faster metabolism, an improved ability to concentrate and generally an improvement of both mental and physical health. Therefore, by including the Outlast® thermo-technology in your products, such as temperature regulating pillows, you offer your customers a level of functionality and comfort that other, traditional bedding simply cannot provide. To start your Outlast journey or if you have any questions about our products and their functionality, please get in touch with us. We are happy to provide you with any information you need, and together, we will figure out the best way to incorporate the Outlast® thermo-technology into your products and make them stand out of the crowd. Also, if you would like to stay up-to-date about our products and the projects we are currently working on, you can sign up for our newsletter.