November 2011: Do you know the Outlast difference?


Functional materials containing Outlast® technology provide better performance: Contrary to traditional products, Outlast® bedding dynamically manages temperature and humidity for optimal sleep. Remember: An optimum climate comfort is always influenced by temperature and moisture. Outlast uses a new test method to visualize the perfect microclimate. more



The Outlast differencePicture 1 (3,004 KB): Outlast® materials make the difference – you sweat and freeze less in Outlast® bedding. You can feel the Outlast® difference when touching the smart material. And you can see it: Different measuring methods can visualize the advantages referring to an improved microclimate.




Outlast materials reduce sweatingPicture 2 (101 KB): Outlast® bedding products bring a better sleep: Thanks to Outlast® materials the moisture production can be reduced significantly during the phase of falling asleep.



Outlast materials reduce humidityPicture 3 (1,301 KB): The climate measuring system THG AreaView measured the temperature and humidity development of a human beyond two duvets (one with, one without Outlast® technology) in real time. The human produced less transpiration under the Outlast® duvet (picture on the top right). A better sleep climate is the result.



Outlast Principle

Picture 4 (4,495 KB): Outlast® technology was originally developed for NASA to protect astronauts from temperature fluctuations. Today Outlast® materials bring a dynamic heat management to many applications and balance the body temperature to improve thermal comfort. Photo: Outlast Technologies, Inc.