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Outlast Launches New PCM Acrylic Fiber (Textiles Update, 12 May 2015)

Outlast launches new PCM acrylic fiber (TexData, 2015-05-08)

Outlast and Thai Acrylic Fibre launch new PCM acrylic fibre (Innovation in Texiles, 11th May 2015)

Outlast: What, why, when? (avr online, 11. March 2015)

Outlast: Was, warum, wofür? (avr online, 11. März 2015)

Drei Fragen an Martin Bentz, President Otulast Technologies LLC (Techtextil, März 2015)

Three questions for Martin Bentz, President Outlast Technologies LLC (Techtextil, March 2015)

Outlast: Vermählung mit Daune (textile network, 04.02.2015)

Outlast launches new PCMs based filling material (Innovation in Texiles, 14th November 2014)

Outlast expands into new spheres (Innovation in Texiles, 12th June 2014)

Was steckt hinter "Spherix"? (avr online, 11. Juni 2014)

Outlast Technologies推出新溫度調節填充用纖維Spherix (T-Net, 2014-07-08)

Outlast Technologies Presents PCM Knowledge in Less than Three Minutes (Textile Update, April 8)

Outlast bringt PCM in drei Minuten ins Ladenkino (sportFachhandel, 8. April 2014)

The Rupp Report: Phase Change Materials (PCMs): A Modern Way Of Moisture Management (World Textile, February 4, 2014)

Outlast enlarges range with climate regulating fiber balls (fiber2fashion, November 15, 2013)

Coors family goes high tech with Outlast Technologies acquisition (The Denver Post, 10/07/2013)

Hightech-Textilien erschließen neue Anwendungen (nachhaltige Produktion, 22.05.2013)

Outlast-PCM-Polyesterfüllmaterial: Feuchtigkeitsregulierende Textilfüllungen (Dealax, 25.4.2013)

New look for Outlast in 2013 (WTIN Intelligence, Jan 4 2013)

Outlast: Neuer Markenauftritt (Interior Fashion, 2. Januar 2013)

Outlast rebrands (Innovation in Textiles, 2nd January 2013)

Outlast presents new PCM fiberfill material for bedding (fibre2fashion, November 08, 2012)

Klimaregulierende Polyesterfaser für Bettwaren (Hightechtextilien online , 11/28/2012)

Triumph + Outlast: riding without losing concentration (Technical Textiles, October 16, 2012)

Heat-regulating fabric used in motorcycle riding clothes collection (WTIN Intelligence, Oct 11 2012)

Outlast: Übernahme durch Investment-Gruppe (Textination, 15.5.2012)

Itochu Branching Out With Temperature-Regulating Fabrics (The Nikkei Business Daily March 21 edition)

Kinderschuhe mit klimaregulierender Outlast-Technologie (step* kids, März 2012)

Wigwam X Outlast Technologies Extend Partnership (Transworld Business, Feb 27 2012)

PPSS Body Armour CEO takes a bullet to prove his vest works (Security News Desk, January 24, 2012)