June 2020: Temperature regulation goes fiber proof

Less layers for a more efficient finishing process


Outlast® stands for a better night’s sleep thanks to proactive temperature and moisture management. For more than 25 years bedding brands worldwide trust in the technology of the pioneer and market leader for temperature regulating phase-change materials (PCM).

Now, Outlast offers new products for the bedding industry that combine proven climate control with fiber and down proof properties in just one layer. For manufacturers of down- or fiber-filled pillows, duvets and comforters this offers substantial cost and efficiency advantages in finished products manufacturing.

Less-Layers approach: combines climate control with fiber proof properties in just one layer In many of Outlast fabrics for bedding, the space-certified PCM technology is coated onto a base layer, which is then further processed as liner or base layer into finished home textile products. „Our Less-Layers approach opens up new, interesting opportunities for special areas of application,” Martin Bentz, CEO at Outlast Technologies GmbH explains.

With the temperature regulating layer being fiber proof at the same time, an otherwise necessary layer during final processing can be omitted. „This can help to safe manufacturing time and costs. In addition, the utilization degree of our phase-change technology is increased – consumers get ‘even closer to the Outlast comfort’.” Especially for light summer duvets, this approach can also reduce the overall product weight and support a softer touch.

To find out more and learn how the new products can add function to your bedding programs, please contact our local sales teams.


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How Outlast® works

Originally developed for NASA to protect astronauts from extreme temperature changes in space, Outlast® technology proactively and repeatedly balances the temperature changes during sleep. Phase-change materials (PCMs) that are able to absorb, store and release heat provide an optimal moisture and temperature management throughout the night. Bedding products with smart Outlast technology significantly reduce sweat and contribute to a more restful night's sleep.

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