March 2017 - Outlast launches Outlast® Xelerate“: PCM + Heat spreader

  • Quickly distribute and spread heat

During the night, many people suffer from “intolerable heat build-up”, which makes it difficult to get a restful night’s sleep. Outlast’s climate-regulating phase change materials (PCM) which absorb, store and release excess body heat to reduce overheating and sweating, are a great solution to this. Now, Outlast moves ahead: The innovative company is launching the revolutionary enhancement “Outlast® Xelerate” supporting and accelerating the “normal” PCM performance intensively. Inside, PCMs are combined with a “heat spreader” technology, absorbing and spreading heat quickly, so that the PCM process can run even more actively. more


Picture1(1.450KB): Outlast® Xelerate is the name of the latest development from the market leader Outlast. Outlast® Xelerate combines phase change materials (PCM) with a heat spreader technology, so heat can be quickly absorbed and conducted.




Picture2(994KB): New: Outlast® Xelerate. Outlast® Xelerate quickly spreads heat, so the PCM effect can be improved.








Picture3(1.528KB): Outlast® technology absorbs and stores excess heat and releases it. Heat spreaders improve thermal conductivity. Outlast® Xelerate is a new, innovative material offering ultimate heat and moisture management.