May 2016: Outlast presents heat managing PCM


Not too hot and not too cold - intelligent textiles have transitioned their way into the daily life of consumers. The same textiles that provide astronauts in space and researchers in the Antarctica the necessary protection for their jobs can also be useful for the normal public. Heat managing phase change materials (PCM) by the market leader Outlast can now be found in numerous everyday products: from apparel, underwear, socks or shoes to bedding, along with some recent products in orthopaedic devices. more


Picture 1 (5,770 KB): Outlast® technology can be used in different applications. No matter if directly included inside the fiber or if coated materials are used - Outlast® phase change materials dynamically reduce sweat production significantly.


Picture 2 (3,389 KB): Outlast® technology works dynamically and proactively manages heat while controlling the production of moisture before it begins.




How Outlast technology works

Picture 3 (3,350 KB): Outlast® materials work dynamically and proactively. The sleeping climate is well balanced and comfort is improved.




Picture 4 (554 KB): Example WillowWood: Outlast® phase change materials provide an optimum climate and a perfect climate comfort in liners.
Picture: WillowWood



Picture 5 (2,890 KB): Example Bort: Due to Outlast® phase change materials the sweat production is reduced in knee bandages.
Picture: Bort



Picture 6 (1,150 KB): Example Hydas: Outlast® phase change materials control temperature and provide an optimum climate comfort in different bandages and supporting belts.
Picture: Hydas