December 2010: Outlast develops first climate regulating polyester fiber with phase change material


Outlast Technologies broadens its product offering by maintaining a steady pace of innovation. After intensive research and development, Outlast Technologies, Inc., Boulder/Colorado, the market leader in temperature regulating phase change materials (PCMs), is pleased to announce the introduction of Outlast® polyester fiber. more


Outlast Polyester FiberPicture 1 (3,010 KB): Launching for the first time, Outlast presents a new generation of fibers incorporating a climate regulating Outlast® PCM polyester fiber offering more comfort in functional underwear, for example. 
Photo: Outlast Technologies, Inc.




Outlast Polyester FiberPicture 2 (4,230 KB): World novelty: Outlast succeeded in developing a PCM polyester fiber. It is a bi-component fiber with a PCM core and a polyester sheeth. 
Photo: Outlast Technologies, Inc.