April 2019: Comfort - the Real Beauty of Function

Outlast presents proven heat and moisture management technology at Performance Days in Munich, 8/9 May 2019 | Booth F04, Hall C6: With new Nylon filament yarn to expand next-to-skin application range and further steps in sustainability initiative.

Comfort - the real beauty of function

Heidenheim/Germany, 25. April 2019: Textile innovator Outlast will once again draw attention to the versatile applications of itstemperature regulating technology during the summer event of the functional fabric show in Munich.

With proactive heat and moisture management capabilities, the company’s smart coating and in-fiber solutions have been adopted by multiple brands in sportswear, athleisure wear, footwear and accessories. But there is more: any product with extra expectations of comfort through heat control will benefit from the technology – starting from work, military and safety wear to eSports applications like gaming chairs.

Originally developed for NASA to protect astronauts from extreme temperature fluctuations, Outlast® technology utilises phase-change materials (PCM). These materials are microencapsulated in so called ThermoculesTM and are able to absorb, store and release heat to optimize comfort for the wearer. This Outlast® cycle works permanently and repeatedly as individuals face changing influences and temperatures during activities. The microclimate of the skin stays balanced and the absolute humidity is reduced significantly.

“We are convinced that ‘feeling just right’ gives consumers what they expect from today’s smart and fashion-designed products.” explains Dirk Keunen, Director of Sales at Outlast. “While our temperature and humidity control is designed to increase wear comfort – the real beauty of function as we think - we also continue to address the peace-of-mind comfort with our new sustainable innovations.”

Outlast proactive temperature regulationThe technology provider had already introduced new products at the beginning of this year that utilize 100% recycled Polyester as base material for the functional coating. By now, the majority of Outlast® products is sourcing from renewable instead of synthetically produced materials for its phase-change materials.

Also new in the product range is a Nylon filament yarn that integrates the PCM technology directly into the Polyamide fiber which should further expand the range of next-to-skin applications, such as under garments, compression-, sports- and hosiery wear.

With an increasing demand for function in textiles, the solution provider is once more stressing that Outlast® can easily be combined with many other technologies and textile finishing such as water resistance, antimicrobial or breathability functions.

For more information, please visit Outlast at Performance Days in Munich at booth F04 .

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