April 2011: Survival-One designed new helicopter passenger survival suit with Outlast technology


Water is a dangerous place with unpredictable elements. But with some jobs and activities it is not possible to just stay away from it. To get to offshore installations there is no other choice than to fly over water. So if a risk can’t be avoided it is essential to take every precaution to minimize it. Survival-One Limited, recognized world leader in the design, manufacture and service survival clothing and equipment, has recently launched a new helicopter passenger survival suit incorporating Outlast® technology for better comfort. more


Survival-One suitPicture 1 (298 KB): Whilst helicopter transportation is safe, the potential for a helicopter accident over water can have serious consequences. A survival suit is designed to improve the wearer’s survival in this life threatening environment. The new helicopter passenger survival suit “1000 Series” by Survival-One provides optimum performance and protection to the wearer. The climate regulating Outlast® lining offers excellent thermal comfort inside the suit. 
Photo: Survival-One


Outlast PrinciplePicture 2 (1,005 KB): Outlast® technology was originally developed for NASA to protect astronauts from temperature fluctuations. Today Outlast® materials bring a dynamic heat management to many applications and balance the body temperature to improve thermal comfort.
Photo: Outlast Technologies, Inc.