Outlast® technology balances temperature changes so you feel not too hot, not too hot, but just right. This is also important for the upholstery industry. Less sweating on a sofa, an office chair or on the garden furniture - this makes life easier and more comfortable. Outlast® materials absorb excess heat, store it and release it back when needed. The following are some examples of seating products and the appropriate Outlast® material to use.

Home Furnishings

Coated Outlast® fabrics

Car Seats

Coated Outlast® foams

Wheel Chairs

Coated Outlast® nonwovens or coated Outlast® foams

Cooler Seating...

…can be achieved by utilizing Outlast® materials in upholstery fabrics.

To the left are infrared images taken of a child seat with and without Outlast® material after a child has sat in them for identical periods of time. You can see that the child seat with Outlast® material is significantly cooler than the seat without Outlast® materials.

Because Outlast® materials are able to absorb and store excess heat, there is a reduction in build-up of heat and moisture next-to-skin.