With almost any footwear brand, you're faced with the difficult task of balancing quality and style with comfort. The phase change materials (PCM) in Outlast® technology can facilitate that balancing act by helping to reduce heat and moisture to reduce blisters and increase comfort.

As Outlast® technology proactively responds to changes in foot temperature, it absorbs, stores and releases heat to reduce sweat and odor. It’s a benefit that provides greater comfort and healthier feet all day long. From socks and insoles to sneakers, shoes, boots and safety gear, the Outlast® technology developed for NASA can keep your customers just as comfortable - please have a look at our short footwear video. The following are some examples of footwear products and the appropriate Outlast® material to use.

44% Less Perspiration in Footwear...

... can be achieved utilizing Outlast® materials.

One example: Constant movement in a closed environment, like a golf shoe, typically generates extra heat and more perspiration, resulting in blistering and odor. With Outlast® technology, footwear products reduce perspiration by as much as 44%, helping feet stay drier and more comfortable, whether you're practicing your putt or out for a full 18 holes.

Wigwam Turns to Outlast for Innovation

Key Differentiator in a Competitive Category: For over 109 years, Wigwam has been dedicated to enhancing the lives of its customers by not only providing the finest quality socks, but also the assurance that the purchase of Wigwam socks supports a reputation of honesty and integrity.

With 115 direct competitors in the sock industry, Wigwam needed a differentiator to stand out as an innovator and leader in a competitive category. Read more about the solution, the partnership and results.