Outlast® technology takes comfort to the next level by proactively alleviating spikes in skin temperature throughout the day. With Outlast® technology added to apparel products, individuals will feel just right, no matter what the activity or season - please have a look at our short apparel video.

With added comfort you also provide added value for your customers. Outlast® technology is a tested and proven benefit that many trusted apparel brands are already taking advantage of. The following are some examples of apparel products and the appropriate Outlast® material to use.

30+% Less Perspiration in Apparel...

... can be achieved by utilizing Outlast® materials.

One example: Due to the physically demanding environments in the military, a FR (flame retardant) T-shirt with Outlast® technology was specifically designed to provide important protection and sweat reduction properties for the soldier's maximum comfort. Laboratory tests show the Outlast® shirt helps reduce sweat by 30+%, compared to similar shirts made of modacrylic fiber. This is proactive reduction, not moisture wicking, and that results in greater comfort.

Helping to Turn Down the Heat on Menopause

Outlast® technology interacts with a person’s own microclimate to help manage individual temperature  and keep the wearer from overheating and sweating, then experiencing chill.

To provide assistance to menopausal women and help mitigate symptoms associated with hot flashes. During a hot flash, skin temperature can increase by as much as six degrees. Read more about the solution, testing and results.