Outlast® phase change materials can be located inside the fiber. The fibers are spun into yarns being manufactured then into fabrics or finished products such as socks or beanies. In-fiber applications are for products being worn next to or very close to the skin.


Since its debut in 1994, the Outlast® acrylic fiber has been used in a variety of products including socks, hats and sweaters.


* Dyes well with superb fastness
* Exceptional resistance to sunlight degradation
* Highly resilient with good resistance to abrasion
* Quick drying


Outlast® viscose, better known in the US as "rayon", is an extremely versatile fiber. Common products that utilize this fiber are underwear, shirts, dresses, sleepwear, work wear and sportswear.


* Easy to dye (good color brilliance)
* Provides softness and comfort similar to cotton or silk
* Available in various staple lengths
* Antistatic


Outlast® polyester fiber is based on a new and novel process: the polyester melt spun bicomponent process uses a PCM core with standard polyester as the sheath. This delivers a temperature managing fiber without compromising standard polyester fiber downstream processing, dyeing and finishing properties.


* Available in various staple lengths
* Combines well with other fibers
* Can be finished with various technologies