November 2012: Outlast launches new PCM fiberfill


Active climate regulation during sleep: Outlast Technologies, market leader for temperature regulating phase change materials (PCMs), presents a new PCM fiberfill material for bedding that utilizes the recently launched world’s first PCM polyester fiber. more


Outlast PCM fiber filllPicture 1 (1,410 KB): New to market leader Outlast's portfolio: The world's first climate regulating PCM polyester fiberfill for bedding





Martin Bentz

Picture 2 (4,470 KB): "We are proud of our new PCM fiberfill ideally regulating the sleeping climate and providing an extremely good performance," says Martin Bentz, Managing Director of Outlast Europe.





How Outlast technology works

Picture 3 (3,350 KB): Outlast® materials work dynamically and proactively. The sleeping climate is well balanced and comfort is improved.




C. Russ test with Outlast duvet

Picture 4 (1,760 KB): Tests with the independent system THG SleepView (from C. Russ) indicated that a duvet with an Outlast® PCM fiberfill can reduce absolute humidity by 48% compared to a traditional duvet.
Pictures: Outlast Technologies LLC